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    • In game name: Fuzion   Steam Name: Fuzion   Experiences in the GMOD community: Throughout my time playing GMOD, I've spent most of it on Star wars RP servers, (mainly because it the only servers I truly enjoy RP'ing on), but besides that I have also played on DarkRP, HaloRP, WW2Rp, and SantosRP servers.   Experience Staffing in other games: I was an Admin for a DarkRP server for about a month before they shut down there server, and I was also a Mod for a HaloRP server, and besides that I"ve only been staff on Star warsRP servers.    Experience in Roleplaying: I have spent most of my time mainly RP'ing  on Star warsRP servers, but I've also RP'd on DarkRP, WW2RP, SantosRP, HaloRP    Why do you want to join the staff team?: I would like to be apart of the staff team because, I want to help be apart of the reason people enjoy their time on the server and keeps them coming back for more fun and some good RP. I'm also great with people, so let's say if there was ever an argument or situation between a couple of people and it's creating a problem for everyone, I would take them a side and speak to them, figure out what's happening, and hopefully in the end find a solution that benefits everybody, so that everybody can keep enjoying their time on the server. And since i was staff on other star warsRp servers i know all the basic things that are needed to know to keep everything running smoothly, and I want to take all that I learned from my past on contribute it here on this server.   Qualities about yourself: I'm a pretty chill and down to earth guy, I love sports (mainly soccer) but i watch them all, so if anyone ever wants to talk sports let me know, I like to have a good time in everything that i do, and I like talking to people and making new friends.   How many days a week do you think you can be on the server?: I can be on the server everyday except Thursday   If you get someone who is minging on the server what do you do?: I'll start of by pulling them to a private location and let them know they need to stop, if they continue a second time to ming i'll give them a warning, and if unfortunately they ming for a third time I will have to kick them for Minging/FailRP.     If a clone trooper mass rdms, how do you handle the situation?: At first i would let shock jail the trooper, and as he is in his cell i would go and talk to him letting him know he needs to stop, as well as give him a warning, if he continues to mass rdm after that i'll have to kick him for 30 mins - 1 Hour.   Anything else you'd like to let us know, etc: RG's star warsRP server was the first thing I ever played when i got GMOD back in 2016 i believe, and it was my favorite server since, and i'm glad it started back up.
    • In game name: Bailey Steam Name: PeroxidePoem51  Experience in Garry's Mod community: I've been playing Garry's Mod for about a year and half now, its mostly been Star Wars RP, but I have also play Halo, WW1, and WW2 RPs. Experience Staffing in other games: I have not been a staff member on a server before, but I am looking forward to becoming a staff member, in helping the server and staff. Experiences in Roleplaying: Most of my time while playing Garry's Mod has been on Star Wars RP, and the rest has been on other RP servers. Why do you want to join the staff team?: I want to join the staff team to help the server, I would set up more events for the server, and make the server more enjoyable for everyone. Qualities about yourself: I'm polite, I am also very committed to getting a job done. How many days a week do you think you can be on the sever?: I can be on the server for about 4 or 5 days a week. if you get someone who is minging on the sever what do you do?: I ask them why they were minging after they tell me why I inform them that they can't be doing what they did I then return them, if they keep minging I would warn them, and if they keep minging after that I would kick them, if they came back just to minge I would then ban them for 2-3 hours. if a clone trooper mass rdms, how do you handle the situation?: If a CT was mass rdming I would bring them to a place where no one is at I would then ask them they were mass rdming, once they told me why I would tell them that the next time they do the they would be banned for 4-5 hours, after that I would give them a warning, if they go back to mass rdming I would bring them back and ban them. Anything else you'd like to let us know, etc: none   By placing this application I have read all the rules and understand them. I understand as a Staff Member that there are multiple sides to a story and that I will not be led by assumption. I understand that abuse of my powers may result in demotion and or removal of staff. I understand that any egregious acts on my part that damage the server such as banning everyone, etc. may result in a ban or in worst cases blacklist from the community.        Edited July 26 by Lucifer
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