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  1. Hello all! I've been playing roughly a week or two after the start of RG, essentially the beginning. I served as CC 2173 RABREX, commander of the shinies battalion. If you don't remember me for this then you most likely remember me as playing Master Yoda, and when I say play I really mean playing. I have been doing the voice for some years now, apparently I'm pretty good at that according to those that hear. So if you see me in game speak to me and I will speak back if I am not busy in that given moment and you can judge for yourself. Anyways, I am glad to be back and to see some familiar faces as well as some new faces. #Let'sMakeRGGreatAgain! #VoteChancellorTrump2020!
  2. Greetings, if you are reading this chances are you are most certainly interested in applying for staff. I ask that you use this format as anything but will be simply denied. Following directions is important and not being able to follow this simple request shows you are already not fit for staff. Thank you and hope to see your application on the forum! P.S, anything in parenthesis can be deleted, they are just there as little side notes for you. ❤️ Staff Application Format: In game name: Steam Name: Experience in Garry's Mod community: Experience Staffing in other games: Experiences in Roleplaying: (This is actually quite important as if you are going to staff on an RP server you must have some kind of experience in RP). Why do you want to join the staff team?: Qualities about yourself: (Good or bad, it's nice to know you a bit). How many days a week do you think you can be on the sever?: if you get someone who is minging on the sever what do you do?: if a clone trooper mass rdms, how do you handle the situation?: Anything else you'd like to let us know, etc: By placing this application I have read all the rules and understand them. I understand as a Staff Member that there are multiple sides to a story and that I will not be led by assumption. I understand that abuse of my powers may result in demotion and or removal of staff. I understand that any egregious acts on my part that damage the server such as banning everyone, etc. may result in a ban or in worst cases blacklist from the community.