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[RG] Ravine

Staff Hierarchy

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Welcome to the server! Please take the time to read the rules. 
Section 1 – Hierarchy




Owner: The Owner is the one who runs the server.

Co Owner: The Co Owner is the main Senior Management of the entirety of Refugee Gaming.


Senior Management Team


Community Manager: The Community Manager unlike Owner are in direct connection with the community overall. The community manager will be the last resort for MAJOR situations otherwise it will be handed to the Co Owner or Owner. The Manager overall will just mainly oversee the community and make sure the community is running as it should.

Head Of Staff: The Head of Staff is also in direct connection with the community but in a different way. The head of staff has full reign to demote/promote any staff member following from: Trial Moderator, Moderator, Senior Moderator and Administrator. Head of Staff have no jurisdiction over Community Manger+. (Can only be assigned by Co Owner or Owner.) 


Staff Team


Administrator: The Administrator will be the final solution before the issue will have to go to Senior Management. 

Senior Moderator: A Senior Moderator is obviously a senior member of staff by this point. At this point you will be managing most reports on the server and forums. 

Moderator: A Moderator unlike Trial Moderators are now officially a staff member. The training period has concluded and they have more ability and freedom within the staff team. From this point we have evaluated that you are capable of being a productive staff member. 

Trial Moderator: A Trial Moderator is in their first stage of becoming staff. During this stage of staff it is the TRAINING period. You will be overseen by a fellow, senior, staff member. 



All staff members must respect the following chain of command: Trial Moderator Moderator Senior Moderator rAdministrator Head of Staff →  Community Manager Co OwnerOwner


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