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[RG] Ravine

Server Rules

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*If your going AFK in the Server for a duration of more then 2 minutes leave the server and make room for others. If you are caught sitting on the shooting range railing or anywhere else aboard ship you will be kicked/banned/demoted**

                                          General Rules

1) DO NOT RDM/TK (Randomly Kill, Team Kill) under any situation

2) Do not minge or troll in any way

3) Do not hack, cheat, or exploit in any way (Yes the ammo exploit is a bannable offense)

4) Do not harass other players for any reason

5) Do not disobey orders given to you by a higher rank, even if they are in another battalion

6) Do not jump on ragdolled players, they are most likely wound IC

7) Do not ask for weapons you are not supposed to have IE: Grapple, minigun, sniper

8 ) Do not get illegal implants from medical without a officer's permission (Captain and up)

9) Do not charge large groups of enemies BY YOURSELF!

10) Do not charge ahead without permission from a commander, the Staff are most likely still prepping

11) Never charge enemy characters IE: Grievous, Dooku, HK-47

12) Follow Jedi into battle unless told otherwise, and when they engage do not fire on what they are attacking (If a Jedi is shot by you, you are subject to demotion!)

13) If droids are not shooting at you, then move closer (This does not mean RHINO CHARGE THEM!)

14) Do not use a glitch of any sort while attacking the droids IE: Corner glitching

15) Do not wander off from your mission, the CMS might be trying to set up the rest of the area

16) Heavy weapons can only be given by a CM or you become a Heavy

17) DO NOT METAGAME you only know the basic information of a clone and what your character has learned

18) You may not go rouge, there are no rouge clones in our RP (Ask a CM only if they need rouge clones)

19) Do not try to run events that will contradict the story IE: Blowing up Grievous' ship and it kills him, NO!

20) Use /me for RP actions IE: Disarming bombs, hacking computers, transferring data

21) When performing a /me you must roleplay!

22) Do not join platoons like 501st just to combine your RP knowledge IE: Joining medical then Arcs to be a Arcs medic

23) To gain a promotion you MUST do good deeds - Be active, combat experience and talk to a lot of people

24) Deaths during story line events, that character will be permanently dead. You will be noted if it is story.

25) Respect ALL clones and staff.

26) Mics are technically In Character, the radio is In Character, normal talking is In Character, whispers are In Character.

27) A CM's word is final, DO NOT ARGUE WITH IT, EVER!

28) If you are killed you have forgotten what happened in your last life, so you may not relay any information IC to your brothers.

29) Make sure you do /me salute that's to ALL officers over Captain.

30) Mugging him / her for every 5 mins for 100 credits

*All Personnel Including, Jedi, Troopers, Commandos, Galactic Marines, Staff ARE NOT allowed to go rogue under ANY circumstances*

**While in the sever RP will be followed at ALL times regardless of Community Rank i.e Owner, Co-Owner etc. Following Chain of Command will be followed at all times!**

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